Insulation options

The average New Zealand home will lose up to 35 per cent of air temperature through the ceiling and 20 per cent through the floor. So, be smart with your DIY energy efficient upgrades and consider insulating your ceiling, underfloor and enjoy the benefits of better insulation.

  • cooler home in summer
  • warmer home in winter
  • reduced energy bills

Existing walls can be difficult to insulate yourself if you are not planning to renovate your property but it is worth doing as it can improve the thermal and acoustic performance of your home. Exterior walls will require Building Consent approval through your local Council. Some people work room by room and upgrade their home over time. Recent advances in technology now allow glasswool to be blown through holes in the plasterboard in some homes, and then patched and plastered, so send us an enquiry and one of our insulation experts will be in touch to discuss your options.

Remember, insulating your home doesn’t have to be a chore, stop delaying it and experience the comfort and savings of a well-insulated home today!

House Loss Infographic NZ