Top energy saving tips

Tackle the energy guzzlers in your home by pinpointing and understanding where the most energy is consumed. To give you a headstart we have listed some of our top tips below:

1. Insulate

Insulation is as effective as keeping the heat out, in summer, as it is at keeping the heat in, in winter. On average, households with insulation can save around $4001 per year on energy bills. Saving money whilst keeping inside the home comfortable.

2. Take shorter showers
Timers are a great way to monitor the time spent in the shower. You should limit your shower time to four minutes. Shortening your shower time by just two minutes could save you up to 40 litres of water per year.2

3. Maintain fridges and freezers
The fridge and freezer are the most used appliances in your home, running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ensure door seals are tight and the heat exchange coils at the back are clean and well ventilated. An old refrigerator could be costing up to $200 more to run per year.3

4. Full loads
Waiting until you have a full load before starting the dishwasher or washing machine could save you approximately 10 litres of water each wash.4

5. Compare electricity suppliers
Compare electricity supplier rates to ensure you are getting the best deal. Determining the best deal for you doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are now websites like Powerswitch which will help you make comparisons.

6. Cover pots and pans
Save on gas or electricity use by covering the pots and pans to help speed up the cooking process. Use an appropriate sized burner suitable for the pan size to avoid over use.6

7. Stop the clocks
The clock on the microwave uses more power than what is used to cook the food. So make sure you switch the microwave off when not in use.7

8. Get on line
When weather permits, turn off the dryer and use an outside line to dry your clothes. If you have room, setup a line under cover for those showery days. Make the change now and save up to $100 per year on running costs.8

9. Turn off appliances when not in use
Save up to $100 on power bills per year by switching off any unused appliances.9

10. Dress for the season
Most heat is lost through your head, hands and feet, think about what you’re wearing before cranking up the heat.10

  1. Kiwi Money Saver (2015) How to save money on your power bills.