New high performing insulation products

Jet Stream® MAX

loft-blown-insulation-jetstreamJet Stream MAX is a loose fill insulation which is blown behind a special netting also know as a Blow-in-Blanket  (BIB) to provide a thermal, acoustic and fire resistant barrier for timber frame homes. It is a superior product designed for use in high performance homes, it completely fills the cavity in the timber frame and fills hard to reach areas around pipes, electrical wires and fixtures. Jet Stream MAX is BRANZ appraised for many applications of new construction, and can also be installed into  existing homes. A certified installer will inspect the property first to ensure that it is suitable for Jet Steam MAX. Jet Stream MAX is currently only blown-in from the inside. In exisiting homes it can be installed in both external walls and internal walls as well as mid-floors to improve the thermal and acoustic performance.

If you would like to use Jet Stream MAX in your new build project, we advise that you discuss this option with your designer as there are some design considerations which must be taken into account. For example, a rigid air barrier (RAB) such as plywood or fibre cement is required on the outside of the framing.

ClimaFoam® XPSXPS

ClimaFoam XPS Board is made using extruded polystyrene. It has a compressive strength of 300 kPa and is one of the strongest and most reliable insulation products that is ideal for tough New Zealand climatic conditions. ClimaFoam XPS Board is water resistant and can resist high impact loads. ClimaFoam XPS Board provides high thermal insulation performance and can be used in areas where other types of insulation are not suitable. ClimaFoam XPS Board is manufactured with a ship-lap join down the long side of each sheet, which allows for easier installation and to minimise gaps. ClimaFoam XPS Board is primarily used to insulate underneath and around concrete slabs, and is impervious to damp and wet conditions. It can also be used in commercial applications such as cool rooms, warehouses and warm or green roofs.

Underfloor with a wind wash barrierunderfloor

Developed specifically for New Zealand homes, Earthwool® glasswool  Underfloor roll with a wind wash barrier has a high R-Value of R1.8. Designed to be used on exposed timber floors, Underfloor roll  is the only insulation available in New Zealand, which has an additional lining, which provides protection from air movement under the floor to ensure the thermal performance is not compromised, it also allows the product to be stapled directly into place. Underfloor roll does not require additional strapping and comes in long ten metre rolls to allow for quick and easy installation.